Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Human food

Mom found this cool article about 10 Human Foods she should be sharing with me! There is also another helpful article on this same site about the right ways to share food with us, your loving pets. I get a fair amount of human treats but some of these are very new.

Squash? Herring? Cinnamon? Hmmm I don't think so.

However, I have been known to spend some quality time licking out the insides of a tuna can and crunching on some uncooked pasta. Cheese is another favorite, one which I likely picked up from mom since she can't resist it either. Last but not least I have been caught a few times eating the basil out of grandma's garden. It's such a lovely flavor and I do my best not to leave any evidence but apparently that taste lingers on the breath. Oops! 

What's your favorite human food to share with your furry friend? Leave me some ideas to pass along to mom :)


  1. Tuna cookies? Yum! :)
    Lola's a big fan of carrots actually, if Jack hasn't tried them yet you should give him a piece to see what he thinks!

  2. @Natasha - Why didn't I think of that one? Your pups are lucky to have you!

    @Lisa - Jack loves carrots!!! One time he ate so many his poop was orange...oops!