Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Father's Day!

Mom left early this morning to hang out with her own dad and left me for playtime with Daddy for this thing they kept calling "Father's Day". I haven't quite figured out what that means but in my house it meant a lot of video games. Speaking of fathers, check out this cute picture of me and my dad from dog beach yesterday...

Once mom came back from her adventures with Grandpa Robert she brought along Aunt Chelsea for a walk. Yeah, well they didn't say how long this walk was going to be! I was so excited to get out of the house and explore a new place called Miramar Lake. The only bummer was that I used so much energy getting excited and smelling everything I could along the way that by the end of the second mile I was pooped. Mom didn't seem to get the message because we still walked for three more miles after that! I'm falling asleep now just remembering it!

It was so fun to go on a walk but no one told me it was a marathon. Next time I'll have to remember to get all the details before we leave the house. And gee mom, a water bowl would be nice. It was hard to drink out of your water bottle, it really was. *yawn* Guess that means it's time for bed. YAY!

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