Saturday, May 19, 2012

Canine Good Citizen Classes: Weeks 1 & 2

My faithful blog readers know I have been in training pretty much my whole three years of life. First we did two rounds of Petco puppy classes, then Mom taught me all kinds of fun tricks at home, and finally we worked with  my trainer Jessica. Well Mom decided it was time to really kick it into high gear and put my knowledge to the test. 

Literally. There is a test. 

We started preparing, studying, and practicing for our Canine Good Citizen Test and this thing is no joke! Thanks to our wonderful trainers at Leap Dog Training we are coming along nicely so far (I think...)

A lot of what we've done so far is reinforcing what I already know (sit, stay, lay) but some of it has been very new. For example, I have to be able to sit and wait patiently while Mom shakes someone's hand and I can't get up until she tells me it's ok. I CAN'T GET UP AT ALL!! I'm slowly getting a hang of it but man, by the end of our hour-long classes, I'm pooped! I sleep all day Saturday!

Today we're at our third class in the series, of six, so I'm sharing pictures with you all from the first two weeks. Here I am sitting and laying oh so nicely, watching Mom closely for my treats.

I have to listen very closely to what Mom tells me to do and but it sure does make it easier that she has a whole pouch full of treats. Mmmmm I love treats! The only thing is that on the test she won't be able to treat me for good behavior, I will have to do it just because I want to. Hmm I'm not so keen on that idea yet but I'll keep it under consideration.

See? I love training!

I'm not alone in this adventure either, I have a few friends along for the journey.

Desmond really prefers to lay down. Sitting is just not his thing.

Koji is focusing very well and his owner Sandra is so proud of all he's learned already!

Max is a BIG boy but he's super calm and relaxed. 

Peach is a little sweetheart.

All of the dogs above were rescued through Pit Bull Rescue San Diego - man they sure know how to pick 'em! I'm looking forward to learning more in the next couple of weeks and making Mom really proud on the test. Keep your paws crossed for me! Oh and if you need any training and are in the San Diego area please check out Leap Dog Training, they have my stamp of approval :)


  1. I love that you were rescued! What an amazing mom you have. Good luck with all the training and test. It looks like you will pass easily.

    1. Thanks Kasha! I'm very lucky my Mom and Dad chose me!


  2. 1. i love all those pitties and i love that you're highlighting them here!
    2. that desmond sure sounds like my desmond! lol
    3. congratulations to you and jack for taking the next step in your training. i bet he'll do really well! desmond is beyond excitable about so many things--we are nowhere near CGC level. :-)
    4. is that K9 grass at the training facility? my mentor trainer had that installed in her yard (where she holds her group classes) this year and she loves it. and i think it feels so soft to stand on. maybe one day i'll get some, too!

    1. Thanks Lauren! The pitties are the best :) I thought of your Desmond when we went around and introduced ourselves the first day since it's not a super common name! CGC is a high goal for Jack and I know he may not pass the first time but we're working towards it. The goal is to be able to say he is in my control when I am with him, not necessarily that he is a perfect we're getting there.