Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our First Giveaway!

Calling all friends, furry and human!!! We are officially announcing our first giveaway today as part of a way to help my best friend Lilah. 

Just a few days ago Lilah's mom sent this picture to my mom, partly out of desperation:

Yes my friends, that is the boxspring of Lilah's parents bed...chewed all of the way through. I can't say I'm too proud of my little friend but then again she is still learning and growing. She's only about ten months old and is having a hard time working out her anxious energy while Mom and Dad are out of the house.

Her parents have tried ... well, just about everything. They crated her when she was younger in an attempt to teach her boundaries and keep her away from things that could be chewed. That worked until she barked all day and the neighbors complained. She also rubbed her nose against the edge of the crate so much she actually hurt herself in the process! Crating was not working.

They tried leaving music on during the day. They've tried giving her a Kong packed with peanut butter, treats, etc. and having her work out her energy on that. They've tried exercising her more, training her in formal classes and at home, taking her to the nearby dog park to socialize her, and checking on her every four to five hours. They bought her a thundershirt that seemed to work for a while...until this. Help!

Here's how the giveaway works
Please comment below (on this post, not on Facebook) with your suggestions for Lilah and her parents. You can leave one comment below which counts as one entry into the giveaway. 

Want a bonus? Send us an email to sayhellotojack@gmail.com with a picture of the worst thing your pets have destroyed. When I was little I chewed on the heel of Mom's new Kate Spade heels. She was WAY too mad to remember to take a picture but you can imagine she still hasn't forgiven me...

We will announce a winner one week from today, on December 20, who will receive a truly fabulous dog-themed gift. I promise. Good luck!


  1. Wow! This is a tuffy for sure! It sounds like Lilah's hoomans have tried just about everything. Could they maybe childproof a spare room or a laundry room and gate her inside? At least it would be larger than a crate and still keep the music going with the stuffed kong, etc.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Could Lilah wear a muzzle when she is home alone?

  3. I have a yellow lab who chewed just about everything when she was younger. I kept her in a large crate when I was out of the house, and even now that she's older and much better behaved, I still keep her contained in a laundry room with a baby gate.

    I think it's better when they're somewhat contained and not left to roam around, especially since a 10 month old is still basically a puppy.

    rachelsgiveaways @ gmail.com

  4. Horse tranquilizer shots. Every morning. No mercy!