Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Therapy dogs heading to Boston

Sometimes bad things happen and no one knows why. Maybe we'll eventually get more information and we'll know a little more but maybe not. In the meantime, we have to find peace and comfort somehow.

In light of the most recent tragedy in Boston I got to talking with Mom. Well, she was talking and I was listening but I really was listening hard. She said that it's important that everyone has someone to talk to about their troubles and their concerns. The people of Boston, especially those who were at the site of the explosions, need someone who can comfort them and help them through this difficult time of doubt, worry and stress.

The therapy dogs of Lutheran Church Charities are trying to do just that! Five of the LCC K9 Comfort Dogs are being "deployed" to Boston to visit the injured in the hospital, listen as people talk, and give cuddles and kisses to help people feel better. Mom read about them here.

This little guy is Isaiah - he was catching a quick nap before boarding his flight to Boston!
Each of LCC's retrievers has gone through up to a year of service training, starting at the age of 6 weeks. They're specially trained to be patient, calm and comforting especially in times of need. Therapy dogs, in general, are taught how to act in hospital settings, nursing homes and retirement centers so they can bring comfort and happiness to everyone they meet. They work together with their owner to improve the lives of other people.

Keep up on the LCC dogs and their happenings on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Our hearts go out to Boston!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My baby shower!

Hello friends...You may remember a few months back when I announced I'm getting a little sibling. I'm excited to announce his name will be Lukas and we will be the best of friends. In preparation for my his coming arrival Mom and Dad have been doing a lot of stuff around the house. It's been a little unsettling to be honest, but that's a completely separate post...

What has actually been fun is all of the presents they keep getting for me. Ok most of them are for Lukas but many people have included gifts for me, the BIG brother, especially the nice folks at Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. Mom has been volunteering with them for a few years and last night at her leadership meeting they threw her a surprise baby shower. It must have been really fun because she hasn't shut up about it since!

While Lukas got plenty of onesies, socks, and blankets (boring!), Mom got some really cute doggie related items too. Those nice ladies know how to shop ;)

First up, the cutest most adorable stuffed animal that Mom will never let me play with. *sigh* I mean I kind of get it, it's really cute and we don't want to wreck it but man would it feel good to carry around in my mouth. Maybe when she's not looking...

Thank you Alicia!

Isn't he cute? Well of course he is - he looks just like me! Alicia ordered him from this adorable Etsy shop called scooterandgoose who created him based on a few pictures of me. He even has my crooked ear! 

The ear theme continues with the William Beach Hoodie from Hendrick Boards, a great lightweight sweatshirt for Mom. This one wasn't designed with me specifically in mind but it practically could have been. Tell me that doesn't look like me and my silhouette! The image is actually based on the founder's dog - a rescue Chihuahua-Pit Bull mix named William whom you can read more about here.

Thanks Amy!

I also got a nice chewy rope toy and a great bandana which I will be wearing when Lukas finally comes home to play with me. 

I'd say I'm enjoying this whole baby thing so far :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's been a busy couple of days

Mom and Dad took a little vacation last weekend and I got to spend some quality time with my Uncle Matt, my GGpa Bob and my GGma Norma. 

A little mid-afternoon contemplation
At the end of it all I was completely exhausted, badly enough that I couldn't even find it in myself to avoid Mom when she wanted to do this:

"Fine, take the picture. Just humiliate me for your own enjoyment."
Luckily the novelty wore off quickly and she let me get my beauty rest. 
How was your weekend?