Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just as I was starting to brag about our gloriously sunny days, we got one afternoon of rain that spoiled all the fun. Perhaps I jinxed us?

Either way, mom and dad saw it as a great opportunity to try out the fireplace we have never used. Sure, it has always served as a wonderful backdrop for my beds but it has never, in the 2 1/2 years we have lived here, actually held a fire. This might seem odd for you humans but I never complained! I saw no need to go playing with such frightening ideas. *sigh* Nevertheless, mom and dad were determined to make use of the fireplace...Check out Dad's nifty headlamp used to make sure the flue was open:

Dad was insistent that I would really like the fire...

He even tried to give me a command to lay in front of it...

I eventually gave in and he was right, it did feel pretty good!

Still, this fireplace looks incomplete without my bed (and me) in front of it, doesn't it?
I made mom zoom in and show you the cute little frame that sits on the mantle, above my bed :)

While I know one afternoon of light drizzle does not compare to the many feet of snow some of you are experiencing, it was a great excuse to cuddle up indoors and sleep the day away!

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