Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Review: Woman's Best Friend

Mom loves to read! Dad isn't as big of a fan but he does like shorter articles online, including lots of sports and political content! Even though I can't sit still long enough to read more than a few words you might remember my love of books from this post.

I love when mom reads because she usually reads out loud to me or at least lets me cuddle while she reads. This time she read Woman's Best Friend, edited by Megan McMorris. Just in time for the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day! This book is actually a collection of stories by women writers about their dogs. Some are very sad as they tell the stories of losing a dog or having to give one up when it turns vicious towards the author's young children. Others are funny like when the author lets the dog write the story from their perspective (sound familiar?).

It's a good little collection of short stories that can be read in one day if you have the time. Mom preferred to read just one story at a time, usually before bed to wind down from a long day. I'm not sure it was the greatest or most profound dog book ever but it was a lovely little collection of puppy parables. As one Amazon reviewer wrote, "The writers were very skilled at their craft, but I've certainly read much more meaningful, true dog stories." Nevertheless it is worth a read since it will give you a new (or renewed) appreciation for the furry friend in your life and who doesn't love that?

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