Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm still growing...

I'm now over 50 lbs! Mom and dad can't believe it but I am slowing down so maybe I'm almost done? Maybe? Check me out in my new bed:

That's my new little playtoy too! It is a cute stuffed dog that I love to tear apart. I leave his stuffing all around the house and while I find it very fun, Dad just gets annoyed. Weird.

I also got a new crate because I was outgrowing the old one. But the other night Maddie must have gotten confused because next thing I know she was curled up in MY crate, chewing on MY bone at MY house.

I like to think I was just being a nice boy and sharing all my favorite things but Dad seems to think Maddie "punked" me. Either way, she's still my favorite friend!

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