Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first road trip!

This past weekend I got to go on my first road trip aaalllll the way up to Orange county to meet my mom's aunt, uncle and cousin. The ride wasn't that long after all and I slept most of the way. Next thing I knew we were at a new house with new people and a great big backyard! It was like I woke up in heaven!
I loved playing with little Keith (he's 6) especially because we're the same size! He was very nice and threw the ball for me over and over again. I think he might have been tired of playing with me because he kept running back inside but I followed him in and dropped the ball right at his feet and waited patiently for him to throw it again. He was nice enough to oblige :)

The best part was that even when they left me alone during the day I just got to explore the backyard. I hid my bone in a big pile of dirt, dug up a pot of flowers, and ran around to enjoy my space. I was very sad to leave but I was a little relieved too--I was so tired!!! Here are some of my favorite pictures (can you tell I was forced into the last one?):
I hope we get to hang out again soon!

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