Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's what I really think of running...

Just about once a week my mom and Aunt Chelsea take me for a nice long run around Miramar Lake. It’s exactly five miles and I really enjoy it. It is a fun people-watching (and dog-watching) activity and it makes me nice and tired for the next day or two!

This past week (last Friday), my mom had a day off for Independence Day. YAY! I love when she gets more time off to spend with me. :) She and Aunt Chelsea decided to take me on my run that day, in the morning around 10am. Whew was it hot outside already! They brought me my own little water dish though so I was up for it. As is typical, I wore myself out by mile 2 but I hung in there, knowing I had little choice but to stick it out since it is shorter to just finish than to try and turn around.

Unfortunately Aunt Chelsea (the motivated one in this whole operation) had the *brilliant* idea to continue past that wonderful 5 mile marker and do an extra mile! WHAT?! Let’s just say I was having none of that and I made this very clear when I simply planted my feet, dug in hard and laid down, right in the middle of the walkway! Check me out:

All the people walking by laughed at me and thought I was pretty amusing but I was just tired and mortified at the thought that we might be going around again. Most people sympathized though and one man told me he felt the same way. I had some water and laid in the shade for a while and then I dragged the crazy humans back to the car before they got any more wacko ideas.

I sure taught them a few things!

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