Thursday, July 9, 2009


As I’ve probably said before I LOVE the dog park. It’s one of my favorite hangouts because I get to be off my leash and play with all kinds of new friends. Mom and dad took me there yesterday and I was having a great time! I even had other big dogs to play with. Usually I’m the biggest dog there so I end up picking on the little dogs. I really just want to play but I guess they can’t keep up and they get pretty annoyed by me. Yesterday I was the one that got picked on though. :(

A new dog came into the dog park and we were having a great time playing and wrestling because he was strong like me. I guess he was a little too strong though and I ended up hurt! I tried to squeal and run away back to mom and dad but he followed me and then I had to snap at him and growl to get him to back off. I didn’t want to get mean about it but he really left me no choice!

After that I didn’t feel much like playing anymore so I just hung around mom’s legs and she got the hint. We went home and she babied me all night. The damage isn’t too bad, it’s really just a few spots on my nose where he got some of my skin but it sure does hurt. Here’s a pic:

Mom put some of that cream stuff on it (knee-oh-spore-in?) and that makes it feel better. Luckily I already have a doctor’s appointment on Saturday for a checkup so we’re going to have them check this out then too. For now mom’s making me take it easy so at least I get more cuddle time out of it!

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  1. Aww poor Jack, I'm sorry buddy! If you need some lovin' I'll come over and give you some puppy kisses and lay in your bed with you... well I might steal your bone too! :)