Monday, December 3, 2012

This is what happens...

...when Mom waits too long to buy dog food.

Yeah, looks gross right? Well it was actually really delicious! Mom got smart and dug through our box of doggie related things she's gotten free at local dog expos and such and came up with these:

It definitely tasted different than my usual Blue Buffalo but it wasn't so bad to have something new. The best part was this "Keen" stuff (on the left above). It's made by Honest Kitchen and it's a packet of dehydrated dog food. 

A little weird at first but it tasted great. Mom mixed this powder with warm water and MMMM did it smell good!! I could see how it would be easy to bring on a road trip, to go camping, etc. because it doesn't take up any room. Mom says it's a smart buy too because it's made completely from human-grade products with minimal processing selected from fair-trade, sustainable and "green" suppliers in CA. It's even made here in San Diego!

It's a little bit more expensive than the food I eat now but it was still a nice little treat. What have you tried lately that was a pleasant surprise?

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  1. I also purchase Honest Kitchen for Louie and he really likes it. Even picky Merlyn is a fan. It is a tab bit pricey but totally worth it. I have noticed a difference in Louie's coat (specially in the shedding - now less).