Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jack vs. The Bike

Ok, I think I'm officially done with Miramar Lake. That place seems so serene and peaceful...calm and inviting. It's quite deceiving, actually...

Last week I went with mom and Aunt Chelsea to the lake for a run after mom got off work. It was their third day there in a row so they were a little tired. This time we only ran 2 miles and then decided to turn around and walk/run back to the car. I was thankful because, as I've mentioned, I have a 5 mile limit anyway.

On our way back we came around a curve and, I'll admit, we were a little too close to the middle off the road. But in our defense, so was this woman on her bike. We heard her make some incoherent noises and so we tried to go left...then right...and she did the same! Next thing I knew I was tumbling across the road--me, the lady, and her bike! It did not feel good at all but I didn't even squeal or whine. I acted tough but I'll admit to you now, it kind of hurt too.

When we all got up we could see that I was ok, just a few bumps and scrapes. The lady broke her wrist in the mess so her boyfriend rode back to get the car and go to the hospital. We waited with her until he got back though and she agreed that it was both of our faults. We apologized, she apologized, over and over. After they left we walked back to the car and poor Aunt Chelsea was so upset! She thought I'd died! I rode in her car on the way home so that she wouldn't be scared and alone. I've never riden with her alone (I didn't even know she liked me that much) but I had a good time.

It turns out I was just fine. I still ran around like a crazy dog in the backyard when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's. Sure, I was scraped up, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. See the pictures aren't even that bad:

Let's just say mom and dad are investing heavily in Neosporin. It kinda tickles when mom puts it on but it's helping. Here's to hoping I can make it through this next week without any major injuries!

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