Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it too early to start my Christmas list?

I sure hope not because this baby is item #1!! 

Tagg - The Pet Tracker
Colorful options!
Nifty little charger, included
Well, this guy sure seems to like it!
As you've read, I like to go on my own independent adventures. As fun as they are, Mom would prefer I stay close and Tagg just might be our perfect solution.


From the Tagg site: "Not only can you locate your dog through your computer or mobile device, you get a text or email if he leaves the Tagg zone. That means that before your dog can get into too much trouble, you can pick him up and bring him back home. The self-monitoring Tagg tracker even notifies you when it’s low on battery."

It's recommended for dogs larger than ten pounds (which I don't have any problem with) and the battery lasts about 30 days! It weighs just over an ounce and is slightly taller than a quarter. Perhaps best of all for those of us who are part fish, it's water resistant! At $200 it isn't cheap but your initial purchase includes the first year of service and each additional year is just $59.99.

Now where did I put that address for the North Pole?


  1. This awesome. It's way more attractive than other ones we've been checking out and my foster mum doesn't balk at the price. My sissy gos to the white mountains a lot to the family cabin and I think it would be perfect for her if my mum can convince pops.

  2. Thanks Jessie! I really hope I get one. Mom would buy me just about anything but it's Dad who always has to be talked into it. Maybe if I give him another puppy kiss?