Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3rd Annual Doggie Street Festival

Sunday was a busy day so I'm going to have to divide it into a few different posts. First, Mom and I joined Ashley and Lilah at the 3rd Annual Doggie Street Festival. Boy was that a good time! There were over 25 rescue groups and about twice as many vendors, most of which were handing out free treats, coupons and selling of plenty cool toys. Mom tried to be good and only bought a few snacks plus a 3-foot-long beef stick for me to chew on but we still had a great afternoon.

First, Lilah and I shared a little doggie ice cream. It was hot out, after all.

Then we stopped by the Department of Animal Services booth to say "Hi!" I was once a shelter pup myself and it's always good to remember where you came from.

We saw lots of fun signs, shirts, and accessories

Plus plenty of crazies...

 Yes, that is a dog couch. They retail for only $299.

I found a nice friend to wrestle with (and Lilah joined in too)

Finally, we posed for a few pictures. Aren't we cute???

I'm looking forward to next year!

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