Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Italy Farmer's Market

It's a little known fact but my full name is actually Giacomo (pronounced JAWK-a-mo), I just go by Jack for short. Mom was taking Italian courses and fell in love with the name but Dad quickly shot down the idea of ever naming their human child a long, complicated first name especially given the long, complicated last name we all share. Oh well, their loss! I wear the Italian name proudly!

I like to think it helped me blend in a bit at the Little Italy Farmer's Market a few weeks back. When Mom agreed to take Lilah for the day, we knew that an adventure was necessary so we called Grandma and Uncle Matt to make a day of it! In the car I wasn't too sure of where we were going but Lilah was ready to take the wheel.

We had a blast! Plenty of fresh produce, breads, juices and flowers. From Little Italy Association of San Diego site, "The Little Italy Mercato is the city market for downtown San Diego residents and visitors with more than 100 booths lining Date Street from Kettner to Union offering farm fresh produce, artisan foods and specialty items."

It was very busy at about 11am. I'd recommend going earlier for a smaller crowd (or if your dog isn't friendly with others...) The market opens at 9am and they're there until 1:30pm!

Oh c'mon Mom, leave me alone...we're in public!!

It was a great way to spend the morning and I'd highly recommend you head down there one Saturday morning with your pups too. You can find more info about the market here, hope to see you there!

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