Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Barksters Krisps

Mom was contacted a few weeks back about trying a new dog treat called Barksters Krisps and I immediately told her it sounded like a great idea. What's not to love? Free treats? Count us in!

In fact, I was so excited to try the new yummies that I couldn't wait for Mom to open them, I helped myself!!

I was able to get through the outside package but they made the inside plastic bag dog-proof. Dang it! Once Mom showed off with her opposable thumbs I was finally able to enjoy the deliciousness. We tried two different kinds, Brown Rice & Beef and Sweet Potato & Chicken. I preferred the Sweet Potato and Chicken but both were very good. I even shared with Lilah on a recent camping trip. They are super crunchy and the texture is kind of like human potato chips. Mmmm!!!

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