Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Ok so we're posting about Mother's Day a few days late...whoopsie! I've been just a wee bit busy what with my long naps, endless chewing and playtime with Lilah. You understand how it can be...

Dad made sure that I gave Mom lots of love this year and she was VERY happy with what I did. Check it out!


That's right, Dad let me play in the paint! I had a blast!

Can you see my drawing in the upper right hand corner of Mom, Dad and me? Ok well maybe Dad helped with that part seeing as how he has thumbs and all...cheater.

Mom's lovely flowers and card. Check out the gift Mom made for Grandma in the background!

Aw aren't they cute?! Wait a second...where's my picture???

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day with your mom too!


  1. OH are such a sweetheart and quite the artist.

  2. Thanks Becky! It was a lot of fun, paint is a blast!