Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training: The Tools

You may remember my post a few months ago about mom's training plan to make me a runner. Well, it's been a slow but steady process. The holidays hit, the in-laws came into town, the parentals went on a vacation, and let's just say the running isn't *quite* what we hoped it would be. Nevertheless we're keeping at it as best we can...

One of the best things Mom bought for running is The Buddy System. It's basically a belt that clips around her waist and then has a clip from the belt to my harness (as the leash). A few great perk:

1. Mom doesn't have to hold the leash so that she can still pump those arms!
2. I will stay close-by (dang it!)
3. The part of the leash that is on Mom's belt is not sewn in so when I get the random urge to run this way or that, I can just swing right around her and she just keeps going. And going...and going. 

It basically looks like this:

 Our only complaint? The "reflective" band on the leash and belt are actually quite pointless.  After just a couple of times of adjusting it, the dang stuff comes right off!

Mom tried her very best to take some pictures while we were actually using the fancy leash but apparently those turned out like this:
And like this:
So instead we will steal borrow a more professional picture from The Buddy System site:
You get the idea now right? 

Usually by the end of the run I look something like this. 
A little tired, very thirsty and smiling from ear to ear!
Our first big run is this Sunday, January 15 at the Walk, Run, Wag 5K in Del Mar. Come out and cheer us on! Mom says Pit Bull Rescue San Diego will be out there too with some of their adorable puppies. I mean, who doesn't love puppies?


  1. Awww how cool! I didn't realize that the part that attaches to your belt allows for the dog to run around if needed, that's super helpful. I miss my runs with Lola, can't wait to get back into it (and I may need to look into one of these systems now that I'll be pushing a stroller too! :) ).

  2. Our mom would love to have one of those for Mitch but the big dummy would probably pull her right down into the dirt! You are obviously a lot smarter than my dopey brother, Jack!

    Love ya lot,