Thursday, November 10, 2011

Training: The Beginning

Mom and I are training for a big race together in January. Ok, it's not a big race for her since she's done quite a few 5K's, 10K's and even a half-marathon but it's a big race for me!

See, as much as I love to run off-leash at the park, the beach, or in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard, I am not the biggest fan of running on leash. Maybe it's the limited path I have to run on, maybe it's mom's snail's pace, who knows, but I prefer to be on my own, maybe even chasing a bird or two ;)

Well Mom has been very nice, slowly working me into the running thing, adding just a little distance at a time. Today we passed two miles for the first time (2.25 miles to be exact, but who's bragging...)!! Because of that pesky time change we usually run in the morning as the sun's coming up or after work when the sun's going down. This isn't an uncommon view for us:

Surely I can't complain too hard about that, can I?

In case you're wondering we are signed up for the Petco Walk, Run, Wag 5K9 on January 15 here in San Diego. Come run with us!!!


  1. We should take our dogs to the dog beach! Lulu LOVES that place!

  2. Yes, Amanda, we definitely should! If you're ever up for a long trek down to Coronado we LOVE their dog beach the best :)