Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Favorites: Homemade Sweet Potato Snacks

You know what I love? Treats. Food. Any kind of snacky goodness. So when Mom and Grandma set out to make some "Sweet Potato Chews" based on something they saw on Pinterest, let's just say I was all in.

This is a sweet potato. Not the most attractive when it starts but it sure does taste good!
Be sure to peel it. Skin is yucky.
Cut into even slices so they all bake evenly. Mom did mine about 1/3" thick
Bake in the oven at 350 until they are crispy.
Wait patiently while they cool. And Grandma does the dishes.
Act uninterested when Mom waves it in your face. In truth, try to keep from drooling on the floor.

Eat the equivalent of a whole sweet potato in one night. Success.
Now Mom wanted me to tell you that the instructions she found for this told her to cook the sweet potato slices at 250 degrees for three hours!!! Um, what? Who runs their oven for three hours??? Anyways, we're thinking that the lower temperature and longer cooking time would make them more like chewies whereas these were crunchy yummy snacks. I prefer these ones, they are done in about 20 minutes. Thank goodness, the waiting is torture!!



  1. nice opinion. thanks for sharing...

  2. i actually LOLed when i read this one! so many people make these sweet potato snacks and i absolutely refuse to put my oven on for hours on end like that. i won't even make a pot roast for an hour for myself, let alone do a slow roast of a potato for my dog. is that bad? i don't know, maybe it is, but now that i have your lazy/cheap person's version of these treats, i may give it a whirl. :-)