Sunday, July 25, 2010

The ball

Like most dogs, I love balls. Not like that, you sicko! I love tennis balls, baseballs, even croquet balls! Give me a ball to chase and I'm the happiest dog alive.  That is part of why I love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house so much.  With a great backyard (thanks to the Crabs family too!) I get just enough running and play time to completely wear me out.

With Mom and Dad off at a wedding, I spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's. This weekend I was lucky enough to have GGpa Bob and GGma Norma in town to play with! GGpa Bob loves to sleep outside so I tried to sleep out there with him.  The only thing was that he really wanted to sleep and I figured this was just a chance for more play time! After placing the wet ball right next to his cheek several times without getting to actually chase it, Grandma finally brought me in to sleep inside. What a party pooper!

Luckily I had a chance to play with GGpa Bob today to make up for it.  Here I am waiting patiently for him to throw my ball (I have already placed it nicely right next to him on the chair):

When I came back from chasing it across the yard he was gone! I tried putting the ball on the chair again in hopes that might bring back my play buddy.

After realizing that wasn't going to work I gave up on GGpa Bob and tried Mom, who was relaxing in the hammock...

Luckily Mom did let me chase the ball a few more times. She knows the drill...I'm a happy boy as long as I have the ball!

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