Monday, May 2, 2011

More fun Pit-Positivity!

You know me, I'm always happy to read good news about dogs in general but seeing such "pawsitive" press about pit bulls makes me shake my little tail even harder!

One organization that's featured in the article, Pretties with Pitties, is a local group of really cool girls who work with local pit bull rescue groups here in San Diego to promote adoptable dogs, including Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. As their Facebook states,

"We strive to correct misconceptions about the breed and educate the public with our friendly, non-threatening group of pit bull-loving volunteers!" 

 They were lucky enough to walk my little foster sister Kayna a few weeks ago and they loved her just as much as I do. Check out some of the pics they captured of her:

As the article states, 

"Any dog can become aggressive if neglected or abused, or if "they've never been properly socialized, if you've tied them up or fenced them up," Mountain says. "It's not the breed to be blamed, it's the other end of the leash."

 Check out the full article here, published in today's Life section of the USA Today.  It's another great step towards showing the public how great pit bulls can be, including the mixed ones like myself and Kayna!

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