Friday, March 15, 2013

Taking your human to Home Depot

Have you been to this place? It's amazing!!! Mom calls it the Home Depot but for me it's a wonderful adventure full of new smells, sounds and lots of nice people. This has been a great place to really test my training (and give me a chance to show off). The employees are very nice, giving me lots of love and attention. Of course everyone points out my silly ear! 

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that you can take your dog to Home Depot but it's true! They welcome me with open arms paws!

Hmm what's that noise?

No really mom, what's that noise?

We have so much fun exploring the store but I do have to be watched in the garden section. Apparently you're not supposed to pee on those plants? I'm still not sure exactly how they're different than the ones outside but judging by mom's reaction they are very different. 

So have you taken your human to Home Depot? How did it go?


  1. We have taken Peach into the Depot many times, and Lowe's too! She loves all the good attention she gets. <3

  2. LOL! Jack tried to pee in the gardening section?! That is hilarious. And it's exactly what Desmond would do. :-)