Monday, October 8, 2012

Where have we been?

See here's the thing about writing a dog blog...I have to get Mom's help to write it! I've had all these GREAT ideas but somebody has been too busy to be of any use. She seems to think that things like being in the busiest time of the year at work, studying for the LSAT and getting into a car accident are valid excuses for completely abandoning my writing career. For shame!

Well, a lot has happened since my Mom decided she liked a lot of things better than me so I won't try and shove them all down your throat at once. One thing at a time my friends...

First, if you follow us on Instagram you probably remember this adorable picture of me in my big, giant bed. If you don't follow us on Instagram...well then you should. Look us up @littlerockfish or just check out my pics by searching for #jacksblog.

Ok back to my story. This bed is To. Die. For. It's so perfectly soft without being too squishy, it has these great bolsters on the sides that I can cuddle up against, and it was only $40 at Costco. Everyone wins! 

Considering I'm a 65-pound mutt and I still have thaaat much room to move around, you can tell it's a pretty big bed. Look, it's even big enough to share with your best friend!

What have you been up to since I've been gone? What is your new favorite thing? 

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  1. Wow that bed does look really awesome. Sounds like you've got some pretty good excuses for not blogging, but I'm real curious to hear more. :-)