Monday, March 25, 2013

Some dogs have issues

Today we're going to cross the line into a territory most people try to avoid...we're going to admit the fact that some dogs have issues. I mean this in the nicest way because well, so do I! We all have things that make us tick (even you humans!) but sometimes it is just a matter of managing it. I mean, think about it. You don't like the guy in the office who tells really long and boring stories so you turn the other way and avoid him in the hall, right? It's really the same for me too - I don't particularly like some other big dogs I see on walks so mom usually turns me around and takes me another way. I don't mean to insult the other dog because really it's not their fault, it's my issue!

Since posting about playtime last week we've gotten lots of great feedback that it helped. Well since then we've done some more learning and found additional pages that will help you and your humans :)

First up is D.I.N.O.S. which stands for Dogs In Need Of Space:

The general idea is that some dogs just need more space. Maybe it's because they're healing from a recent surgery, or they're in training, or perhaps it's more like my situation where I just don't like dogs who run right up in my face. RUDE!!

Have you seen any dogs with yellow ribbons on their leashes? Me neither but it's not a bad idea!

Last but not least Mom said this article made her feel better. It's from our friends at Dogster who always come up with good resources. The last paragraph of the article, particularly the last line really sum it up:

"He’s not a breed ambassador, but he’s mine, and I think he’s perfect!"

We can't all be perfect but we can try our best. I try to be a good dog every day but sometimes I just get annoyed or irritated and I need to be corrected. Mom and Dad continue to work with me and that's really all I can ask for. I'm so lucky they *get* me and love me anyway. I love them too!

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