Monday, April 2, 2012


Who lives in your home with you? Your mom, your dad, maybe a furry sister or brother? 

Well guess what...I'm lucky enough to live with my best friend!!!! That's right, Lilah moved in with us!!! (Ok she brought Aunt Ashley and Uncle Travis with her too...)

Since she's lived with us about a week, we've had plenty of time to play, chase and roll around the house together. Sometimes we even take breaks so that Mom can snap a few cute pictures of us. Dad is not loving the extra dog hair on the floor but really, when we're this cute, how long can he really stay mad?

By the way, did I mention she copies everything I do? It's really cute...for now at least...


  1. aw Jack has a new bestie, they are so adorable together!

  2. How can any of us stay mad at them??? Too stinkin' cute!!! We're so lucky to live with our best friends!

  3. this is so cool! are your new friends permanent fixtures, or is this only temporary?