Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm kind of a big deal

You may remember a few weeks ago when I posted a sneak peek of a big surprise which I'm finally ready to reveal! The bright lights, exquisite set, and professional photographers were perfect to bring out the best in me. Check it out!

I'd like to think it is the start of my modeling and acting career, I mean, you never know who might be reading...right?!

Mike and T from Oh My Dog! Photography were great to work with. They let me play with the tennis ball, run around their studio and eat plenty of yummy treats. They have a special touch with pups like me and they gave me plenty of time to show off my tricks too. In just 45 minutes they got so many good shots, it is hard to even pick favorites!

Best of all I got to take some pictures with Mom and Dad, my two favorite humans! You have to admit I kind of steal focus but they look ok too.

Don't worry, I won't forget you little people when I'm a big star. Oh, I think that's my agent calling, gotta go!


  1. Soooo cute! This reminds me of the little series they do in Vanity Fair when they give famous actors a description, and then they have to act it out for the camera real quick.

  2. Now if only Vanity Fair would call! Well, maybe not VF but Bark Magazine? Modern Dog? A pup can dream...

  3. Love all these have a great doggie bloggie!

  4. Thank you K! I just checked out Dog Daze and love it too! We'll be following and reading all about your adventures too :)