Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun

It's National Dog Week and you didn't think I was actually going to let that pass by without mention did you? National Dog Week was started right before the Great Depression with a few simple goals:
  1. A good home for every dog.
  2. Elimination of stray dogs from the street
  3. Better-informed dog owners
  4. Consideration for dogs and all animals
  5. Emphasis of the dog’s use as companion and protector
  6. Fair laws for dogs and dog owners
  7. Respect for the rights of non-dog owners
In our efforts to help #1 and #2 Mom and I are bringing you a selection of local dogs whom YOU can adopt and contribute to National Dog Week. This is also Friday Fun and really, what could be more fun than bringing a dog into your life?

First up are the dogs nearest and dearest to Mom's heart, the ones with Pit Bull Rescue San Diego.

 Aren't they cute? Mom's met many of them and says they are very nice doggies. You can also find many other kinds of dogs at the local shelters. Check out these loves:

Right now the San Diego shelters have lowered their fee to just $25 for all adoptions! Only $25??? That's a great deal when you figure you're getting your new best friend in return!!!

Even if you're not quite ready to bring home a new friend this week, consider sponsoring a local dog through a rescue, volunteer your time as a dog walker at a local shelter, or donate toys and food to a worthy group. What a great way to celebrate National Dog Week :)

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