Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coronado Dog Beach

I'm just settling in for bed after a looooong afternoon with Mom and Dad on Coronado Island, specifically at Coronado Dog Beach. I've always been a fan of Del Mar's Dog Beach but I also didn't know that there was a dog beach in Coronado. Since Dad just moved down there for work (Coronado, not the beach...) we decided to spend a few hours exploring the area.

Of course I got to chase the ball!

One of the cool things about this dog beach that makes it different than Del Mar is that it's actually a human beach too! People were laying out, relaxing, and enjoying themselves just as much as us dogs!

There's even a dog wash area on your way out, although we didn't take the time to use it. We rushed off to see where Dad works and then got a little food at Miguelito's where they are nice enough to let dogs like me sit with their humans on the patio. They even brought me a nice bowl of water too!

Overall it was a great afternoon and we will definitely be back!

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