Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surf's Up!

Do you remember my post from a few weeks ago when Kayna and I had a photoshoot with Alicia Anthony for an upcoming article? Well we've gone to press! That's right, the media is a-calling and I'M FAMOUS!!!! Ok I don't know if that's totally true but we made it in StubbyDog! You all have USWeekly and People Magazine but in my world, StubbyDog is true celebrity status.

The article is available here, along with a great slideshow of Alicia's pictures, many of which I didn't post to the blog last time.  Alicia also made a cool video which is too good to miss. Even Mom and Dad make an appearance! If nothing else it will put you in the mood to take your pup to the beach. Happy first day of summer! Surf's up!

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