Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey mom...can we keep him?!

This past week has been SOOO much fun! Mom got me a cool new friend to play with! Johnny is 10 years old and my dad's little brother (although he's not really that much littler than dad anymore...maybe I should call him dad's younger brother...)

We have had a great time going for walks, playing at the dog park and generally just hanging out. I've been like Johnny's little shadow following him everywhere he goes. At night when mom says it's time for bed I even stand on the inside of the bedroom door just staring at it, hoping she'll let me out again soon so we can keep playing :)

Here's a picture of us cuddling in my bed one night...

Mom says Johnny will have to go back to his house on Friday but I keep hoping he'll stay. I'm going to be so sad without him!

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