Monday, August 24, 2009


As is usual, I've gotten myself into another predicament. I just can't seem to go a month without getting sick in some just keeps things interesting!

This week I got hives. Yes, HIVES! They came out of nowhere and mom and dad can't figure out bugs? new plants?...still no idea. Of course they were worried and as first-time parents they had a minor freakout but after googling "dog hives" they calmed down a bit. Apparently they're pretty common!

I've gotten to eat pepperoni twice a day as a result (I think mom's hiding medicine inside but I don't care) so it hasn't been too bad. Between the medicine (Benadryl--dogs can take 1mg/lb they weigh) and my soothing baths I'm not itchy anymore and the bumps have gone down a lot. Here's what they looked like at first though--you can see why mom got scared!

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  1. Scary!! So glad to hear that it's a common issue and that he's getting better!!