Sunday, June 14, 2009

My new best friend!

Hello there!

As you can see, my mom has gotten a little lazy on here and hasn't been keeping you all in the loop as much as she should be. *sigh* I apologize, she's still being trained.

The most recent development in my life is my new best friend Maddie! My Aunt Ashley and Uncle Travis got Maddie just a few short weeks ago but already we are good buds. We love wrestling, chasing each other, and even sharing our water bowls! Look how cute we are on the patio one night while our moms and dads were having dinner:

As you can see I'm still the bigger one for now but she's growing quickly so I'm doing my best to put her in her place now, while I still can! Maddie (her real name is Madison) came from the Baja Animal Sanctuary and is almost 5 months. She's a shepherd mix too but she looks a lot more shepherd than I do! I think we could be very good friends...maybe even favorite friends :)

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