Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visiting Aunt Chelsea

Mom has visited Aunt Chelsea in Orange before but she's never taken me for an overnight visit. I finally got my chance a few weeks ago and I had such a great time. We helped her hang a shelf in the dining room then Mom and A.C. shared some wine and laughs. I mainly just laid...well, and smelled every inch of the house!

Sunday morning we got breakfast at this cool place called Kimmie's Coffee Cup. They had cute little tables outside for us and Mom even ordered me some bacon. YUM!!

These nice people let me lay under their table when I was full and sleepy.

I hope we get to see Aunt Chelsea again soon!


  1. So nice to take a little trip sometimes. :-)

    1. Hi Rama's Mama! I love car trips :) Hope you have a nice weekend!