Friday, February 10, 2012

Coffee with a Canine

Just this week, Mom and I were lucky enough to be featured on Coffee with a Canine! If you haven't checked out this blog yet you should definitely cruise over there and give it a looksy. It was a perfect outlet for Mom to get to tell about how she adopted me, my goofy nicknames and share some adorable pictures of yours truly. Then again, which pictures of me are not adorable???

We loved our day at Cafe 1134, particularly the yummy snacks and very friendly crowd. We will definitely be back!

 Coronado is certainly a place to dream about. Someday we will be lucky enough to call it home but for now, we'll just enjoy the coffee shops and walks on the beach!


  1. My verificatison word for the last comment was "chola". Stereotypes.

  2. Loved the feature on Coffee with a Canine...thanks for the shout out too!

  3. Hi Heather and Jack! Thanks for visiting out blog! Macho was once featured of coffee with a canine, which is how we found out about it as well. It's definitely a cute blog and a great idea! We will be following you as well now.

    Nicole, and Macho :)

  4. I love Coronado! I always pass it on my drive to work! Such lovely scenery! And I'm sure you already know about the dog beach on Coronado? I also will sent you an email about sharing that recipe with you. Hope you got it. Just need to type it out. Like I said, it's so easy!-Jessica