Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogger Meetup: So-Cal and So-Cool

Mom had a ton of fun at the So-Cal Blogger Meet-up on Saturday...for once I'll let her share pictures of herself and her friends ;) All photos are courtesy of Karina Irene Photography

Thanks to Roppongi for an amazing venue and spread

Quite the crowd! They had to cap the event at 60!

Pretty sure Mom demolished an entire plate of these.
...and these...

Fantastic giveaways, including this cute pair of earrings and a cupcake in a jar!

Room full of girls? Can't go wrong with candy.

Amazing print from Orange & Park that mom really wants. Hint hint.

Hey I know them!

Another pair of earrings?! Spoiled!

Adorable bracelets from Puravida. Mom loves that the little charm is a "P" as in that really long last name we inherited...

A final THANK YOU to the organizers, sponsors, and everyone who attended. What a fun way to spend a Saturday! Next time we include the dogs! Yes?

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