Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Howl-o-ween, part 2

I was so excited to welcome some of my friends for a Halloween party and good ol' fashioned Monday Night Football! There were plenty more snazzy costumes, led by little 20-month-old Preston who trick-or-treated before hanging out for the night. Doesn't he make a great Yoda?


Rufus thinks he is a big dog

Dolly the Ladybug!
Rufus the Fisherman (hey, get out of my bed!)

Erik the crazy Charger fan, Steven (my dad) the Pirate, and Travis the Stay-at-home-Dad

Natasha the Pushy Girl Scout, Heather (my mom) as Daphne, and Ashley the Hippie
Preston's parents -- Mishell the Lawyer (who is also a lawyer in real life) and Jason the ... Dragon?

I made sure to steal attention even while I was outside
We had a great night with lots of food and plenty of treats. Unfortunately the Chargers didn't have a great night and everyone left with a little less pep in their step after a hard loss in overtime. Bummer! I would say "there's always next week" but Mom says that will make Dad even more mad so I'll just say "thanks for coming over, friends!" Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. My foster mum just loves the doggy fisherman's vest. Where did they find it? We may just be national geographic photogs for Halloween next year. It looks like Jack had an awesome Halloween, I just love parties that are puppy friendly.
    Tootles and tails wags!

  2. Hi Jessie!

    I don't know for sure where she got the vest but I'll check for you and let you know. We always try to have puppy friendly parties, you should come sometime!